Is Water Pooling Around Your Home's Foundation?

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Draining water away from your property is essential if you don't want extensive water damage in the future. EY Contractors LLC can handle your downspout installation or downspout repair in Kirkland or Edmonds, WA. We'll do everything we can to keep water away from your property.

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The importance of a properly maintained downspout

Your gutters collect all the water on your roof and gather it in strategic places. Once your gutters have done their job, your downspouts have to do theirs. Your downspouts:

  • Eject water from your gutters efficiently
  • Direct water away from the foundation
  • Prevent pooling around the foundation

If you don't have sturdy downspouts, your home's structure is at risk. You'll need downspout installation services from our team. We'll install your new spouts to prevent water damage and drain your gutters properly.

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