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EY Contractors - Contracting & Residential Roofing Services in Washington

Your Trusted Partner Among Seattle Roofing Companies!

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One of the Premiere Roofing Companies in Seattle

Do you need the best quality roofing for your home? Are you looking for fast service to protect against Seattle’s weather? Or do you just want peace of mind knowing your roof is in expert hands? Then welcome to Ey Contractors, your trusted roofing experts!

Here’s why EY Contractors is your go-to choice

We’re EY Contractors, a powerhouse among roofing companies in Seattle, and we’re here to fortify your home. 

With a legacy of impeccable roof repairs in Seattle, including gutter and roof cleaning, we understand the unique challenges your roof faces every season. Need roofing in Seattle? Our flexible financing options and masterful GAF-certified service are custom-built for residential clients like you. 

With our help, not a minute will be wasted as your roofs endure the battle against moss, leaks, and UV damage, thanks to our expert roofing company in Seattle.

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Cities We Serve

As a leader among Seattle roofing companies, EY Contractors is proud to serve homeowners across the greater Seattle area. Look at the cities we bring our expert roofing services to:


In beautiful Bellevue, our roofs stand tall against the rain and the occasional snow. Homes here get the royal treatment, with top-quality materials.


Redmond's tech-savvy streets deserve roofing that's just as smart. Choose us for cutting-edge roofing solutions that keep your home cozy and dry, no matter what the Washington weather throws at it.


Lake views and lush scenery make Kirkland special, but the weather here can be tough on roofs. Let EY Contractors keep your Kirkland home looking great and well-protected year-round.


In Renton, where the land meets the sky, a sturdy roof means everything. Trust in us to shield your home from wind and rain, with quick, reliable service.


Shoreline's tree-lined horizons need roofs that can stand up to the elements. We’ve got the skills for roof repair, cleaning, and more to keep your home safe and sound.

No matter where you are in these cities, EY Contractors is your go-to for all things roofing. Don’t wait for the next big rain or windstorm – check out other places we serve!

Our Services

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So Here’s The Bottom Line With EY Contractors

You get a dedicated team of certified roofing professionals who walk you through each step of the process, guarantee a fast, efficient, safe service, and lend their vast knowledge to meet all your roofing needs. 

Plus, you tap into flexible roof financing options designed for consumer freedom. So get in touch today!

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Here’s How To Get EY Contractors Onboard Right Now

So go ahead and click to connect with the best roofing contractors in Seattle, WA now! You’re just a step away from all the perks we’ve talked about and many more. Let’s get that roof looking and performing at its best today!

Contact our team of trusted professionals in Seattle today.