Storm Damage Got You Shingling the Blues? A Punny Guide to Choosing the Right Roofing Contractor! 

Have a Damaged Roof? Don’t Let It Rain on Your Parade

Did you know, according to the National Storm Damage Center, hail wreaks approximately $1 billion worth of damage each year in the United States? The primary sufferers are homes, buildings, vehicles, and crops. This staggering fact illuminates the necessity for each homeowner to have a competent storm damage roofing contractor on speed dial.

Watch Your Step: Choosing the Right Storm Damage Roofing Contractor

With so much at stake, settling for anything less than the best roof repair services can feel like a gamble. Coupled with the fact that the Federal Trade Commission has urged homeowners to be extra careful of roofing contractors who offer to pay their insurance deductible—a practice seen as insurance fraud—it’s clear that the decision-making process for choosing a roofing contractor isn’t as straightforward as deciding between a vintage vino or a craft beer.

Scouting for a Reliable Roofing Contractor

When your roof has taken a hit, the clock starts ticking on mitigating further damage. The National Storm Damage Center cautions that a damaged roof is not just a bane to your curb appeal—it’s a genuine threat to your family’s health and safety. Left unattended, it can evolve into structural instability or expensive interior damage.

Here lies the importance of a speedy roofing damage assessment, necessitating an emergency roofing solution. Reviews and reputations hold significant weight in the contractor selection process. Picking a contractor with high roofing contractor reviews lays the foundation for a trusty relationship.

Tallying Up Roofing Repair Costs

Let’s face it—nobody likes surprises when it comes to bills. Look for a residential roofing contractor who is transparent with you about the cost of roof shingle replacement, roof damage restoration, or storm damage repair.

Avoiding pitfalls and insurance mishaps: The importance of hiring a licensed professional

When it comes to storm-proof roofing, only trust a professional. The Federal Trade Commission warns that if a roofing contractor offers to pay your insurance deductible, you could be saddled with the entire repair bill. Selecting a reliable professional ensures proper roof damage restoration and can assist you with storm damage insurance claims.

Judging by Commercial vs. Residential Expertise

Remember, all roofing contractors are not created equal. A specialist in the commercial sector might not have the relevant skill set for residential roofing. Stick with local roofing contractors who have a proven track record in residential work.

Keeping an Eye on Licensing

Roofing contractor licensing is another facet to examine. A licensed professional guarantees that your work is performed to regulation standards, offering peace of mind in the reliability and quality of the work done.

Beyond Repair: Roofing Maintenance Tips and Practices

With a new or restored roof, it’s beneficial to know a few tips and tricks to prevent future storm damage. Engage a contractor that offers not just repair but also preventative maintenance services.

Regular Roof Inspections

A regular check on your roof condition can help spot any minor issues before they become major ones.

Keeping Gutters Clean

Routine cleaning of the gutters lets water flow freely, thus preventing weight accumulation which can cause roof damage.

Nailing Your Selection

The tried and true solution to your roofing dilemmas in Lynnwood, WA, is EY Contractors. Whether it’s emergency solutions or preventive maintenance, our professional services tick every box.

Singin’ in the Rain: Bliss Without the Blues

Our final reflection: storm damage on your roof might have you shingling the blues now, but with the right storm damage roofing contractor, you can soon be singing in the rain—dry and happy inside your safe and sturdy home.