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Storm Damage Got You ‘Roof-ling’ in Confusion? A Punny Guide to Decoding Your Roofing Damage Inspection! 

Roofing Havoc: When Storm Damage Goes Beyond the Shingles

Did you know? According to the National Storm Damage Center, hail alone accounts for a one-billion-dollar dent in the national economy each year. About 34% of homeowners’ insurance claims pertain to wind and hail damage, says the Insurance Information Institute. Roofs bear the brunt of this storm-borne assault, usually requiring a professional storm damage roofing damage inspection to fully evaluate.

What Lies Beneath: Downplaying Damage Can Be a Slippery Slope

Often, property owners underestimate roof damage from storms, dismissing a few missing shingles as a minor issue. However, not all roofing storm damage is visible to the untrained eye. The real danger hides beneath the surface where water can seep into your home’s structure causing extensive damages that can be on the pricey side for repairs. The National Roofing Contractors Association suggests vigilance for ‘bruises’ or dark spots on your roof, indicating that a comprehensive storm damage roofing damage inspection in order to prevent a moisture menace from brewing. Let’s take a closer look at what it entails.

Your Ultimate Guide to Roof Inspection!

Step 1: Ocular Inspection

Begin by scanning each section of your roof for visible damage. Reactionary call? Yes. Complete roof repair solution? Oh, not even close.

Step 2: Professional Aid

Soon after your do-it-yourself inspection, call in the roofing contractor cavalry. EY Contactors, for instance, would lend their skilled eyes to discern not just the apparent but potential leaks, bruised shingles, gutter impact, and damage to the vent hoods or exhaust caps.

Step 3: Document Damage

The roofing solutions dame who pops in for the check might have a camera handy. Channel your inner paparazzi and get the shots of all damage. This is crucial when it’s time to face the insurance claim showdown.

Step 4: Hail and Wind Damage Investigation

Hail damage? Look for impact marks on shingles and metal flashing. Wind mischief, on the other hand, can show as curls or ripples in the shingles.

Breezing Through: Contacting a Roofing Contractor

If a professional roofing inspection blows the whistle on your storm-ravaged roof, EY Contractors in Lynnwood, WA can swoop right in to offer proficient storm restoration services with a dash of pun-filled pep talks for good measure!

FAQ Section

How long after a storm should I have my roof inspected?

Get your roof inspection as soon after the storm as you can to prevent further damage. Slight delay-helping your neighbor shovel out his car-door? Not too bad. Putting off the roof inspection until next summer? Bad.

What does hail damage look like on a roof?

Hail damage often appears as black or discolored areas where the protective granules were knocked off the shingle. Damaged areas might also feel soft to the touch.

Putting a Lid on Leaks: Pro Tips to Step Up Your Roof Game

Here is a list of handy tips to wrap it all up:

1. Consider setting up a roof maintenance plan with EY Contractors. Leaky roofs are notoriously hard to find and professional roof maintenance can prevent problems before they start.

2. Understand your insurance coverage for wind and hail damage. Remember, most standard policies should cover it. If not, consider changing your coverage.

3. After a storm, clean your gutters to avoid backups that can lead to roofing problems.

Final Thoughts: After the Inspection, What’s Next?

A storm damage roofing damage inspection is sure to rock the boat of tranquility, seemingly turning your domestic bliss upside down. But fear not! With professional guidance from roofing contractors, a clear roadmap to repair, and an understanding insurance agent, you’ll soon be coasting along the highway of home maintenance glory, equipped to handle even the most unpredictable storm tantrums in stride. So, when the rain starts pouring, you can sit back, get out a cup of cocoa, and maybe enjoy a roof-ling pun or two.


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