Shingle and Weathering the Storm: A Punny Guide to Residential Roofing Damage Assessment! 

Unraveling the Enigma of Residential Roofing Damage

Living in Lynnwood, WA, with its occasional inclement weather, you never know when the skies will turn against you. When ominous black clouds bundle up and the hail begins to pelt down, it’s your residential roofing that stands firm, shielding you from the adversarial elements that swirl above. According to the National Storm Damage Center, hail wreaks havoc worth approximately $1 billion annually across the U.S., with a substantial chunk of this destruction impacting residential roofs.

Getting your head out of the sand regarding residential roofing damage assessment, therefore, becomes not a mere choice but rather a necessity. In the roof veterinary world, it’s not all about re-shingling and weathering the storm; it’s about the identification, prevention and repair of roof damage.

A Peep into the Pandemonium

Remember those days when you innocently launch paper planes into the thin air from your attic window? Well, that tiny window is your gateway to assess the health of your roof now. The Insurance Information Institute flags wind and hail as key players, attributing approximately 34.2% of homeowner property damage claims filed between 2013 and 2017 to them.

Routine Roof Reconnaissance

Like you routinely visit your general physician for check-ups, your humble roof requires regular inspections too. According to the high counsel of the National Roofing Contractors Association, at least twice an annual visit to your attic (specifically during the pleasant spring and the frosty fall) can save you from major pitfalls. A residential roof inspection warrants careful scrutiny for potential anomalies before they morph into significant snags.

Rainchecks on Roof Repair

Hear those irritating mini-raindrops hitting your attic floor? That’s your roof voicing out its ailment. It’s time for some storm damage roof repair. At EY Contractors, we understand the pain that a leaky roof brings, taking over households causing tearing turmoil. High-quality roof repair services that we enlist go hand-in-hand with home roofing solutions that aim to mollify such turmoil.

Shingle Shake and Hail Rake

Perhaps you think that a roof shingle damage is a mere scrape that can be sorted with a duct tape solution? Newsflash: it’s not! Understanding genuine roofing damage signs requires a keen eye. From hail damage roof inspection to detecting signs of weathering roof damage, one needs to be well-equipped with the nuances of roof vexations. Fear not, our residential roofing services extend to guide you, one shingle at a time.

The Smart Roofscape Guide

Here’s a quick guide to help you navigate through the roofing damage storm:

1. Routine inspections are a must: don’t be a stranger to your own roof.

2. During inspections, look out for discoloration, spots, or wear and tear, implying weathering roof damage.

3. Act promptly on roof damage insurance claims post-identification of the impairment.

4. Stay updated with periodic roofing maintenance tips.


How often must I conduct a roof inspection?

Twice a year, typically in the spring and autumn.

What leads to the prevalent roofing damage?

Hail and wind primarily play catalysts in causing most of the roofing damage.

What should be my immediate step post-identification of the roofing damage?

You should promptly act on roof damage insurance claims.

Your Roof, Our Care: A Closing Note

Undeniably, a well-maintained roof is akin to life insurance, promising to guard you through every precipitation chaos, sunny spell, or blustery storm. EY Contractors, your dependable partner in Lynnwood, WA, is committed to preserving your solid roof sanity. We guide you through your quest of residential roofing damage assessment, ensuring your roof stands as the impartial third umpire between you and the adversarial skies. Because remember, a broken bone can be mended but a collapsed roof could mean game over!