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Down in the Dumps About Your Drains? A Guide to Gutter Cleaning Services 

Flush Away Your Drainage Issues

Gutter cleaning services are the unsung heroes of home maintenance. Preserving the structural sanctity of your house begins with a well-maintained drainage channel. After all, who wants to be literally down in the dumps with leaky gutters and clogged downspouts? It’s time to dive deep into the nitty-gritty of gutter maintenance and avoid turning your home into a serene retreat for mosquitoes.

Scoop on The Gravity of Gutter Guardianship

Let’s unearth some gut-wrenching facts about neglected gutter cleaning. According to the National Center for Healthy Housing, turning a blind eye towards your home drains can pave the way for severe damages like foundational issues, basement leaks, and damaged roofs. These repairs can drill a hole in your wallet with costs soaring upwards of $10,000.

H3: An Ounce of Prevention

Moreover, the Insurance Information Institute revealed a staggering statistic that almost one-fourth (23.8%) of all home insurance loss claims in the United States from 2014 to 2018 were due to water damage and faulty gutters and downspouts. These numbers clearly highlight the significance of timely gutter maintenance.

Nip The Gutter Bug in The Bud

A neglected gutter is an open invitation for pests and critters to set up shop. Standing water in clogged gutters offers mosquitoes a perfect breeding ground, posing serious health hazards, like the West Nile virus. Moreover, a non-operational gutter can instigate unwanted plant growth and damaging rot.

Gutter Cleaning Services to the Rescue

EY Contractors, one of the leading gutter cleaning professionals in Lynnwood, WA, emphasize the significance of a well-maintained gutter. Our Residential Gutter Cleaning Service brings decades of expertise to your doorstep, ensuring your gutter system is unblocked and functional all year round.

Answering Your Rainy Day Questions

1. How often should you clean your gutters?

The rule of thumb suggests cleaning your gutters at least twice a year. However, if you reside in a region with high rainfall, or are surrounded by trees, more frequent cleaning may be required.

2. How much does professional gutter cleaning cost?

The cost of professional gutter cleaning can vary, depending on the complexity and size of your gutter system. However, the average cost typically falls between $70-$250, and is often far less than the financial burden of potential water damage.

Gutter Maintenance DIY: Tips and Techniques

Can’t hire a contractor right away? Here are some handy tips to keep your gutters in shape:

– Trim surrounding trees to minimize leaf clutter and potential damage.

– Install gutter guards to keep large debris out.

– Inspect your gutters periodically, particularly after a heavy rainfall or storm.

– Clean gutters thoroughly, ensuring to check and clear downspouts.

Pour Down the Right Path

It’s essential to remember that professional gutter cleaners bring experience, efficiency, and safety to the task. Businesses like EY Contractors are equipped with the knowledge and tools to prevent small gutter issues from snowballing into costly repairs.

Gutter cleaning might be a messy affair, but it certainly shouldn’t put you down in the dumps. After all, a clean gutter is nothing but the pathway for the rain to pour down the right path, smoothly and safely.

Time to revive your drains and discover the true potential of a clean gutter system today! Affordable professional gutter cleaning services are just a call away. Shed your worries, not your dollars, with EY Contractors. It’s time for your gutters to work like a dream and not give you nightmares.


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